• 06/10/2016 Lutin 1000W Tungsten

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  • 03/02/2016 714SX2 2000/2500W & TIBO 513 600W Profile Tungsten

    714SX2 2000/2500W Profile Tungsten - To ιδανικό zoom Profile για εφαρμογές μεσαίας ρίψεις !

    TIBO 513 600W Profile Tungsten - Μικρό και Φωτεινό!

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  • 06/03/2015 614SX 1000/1200W PROFILE TUNGSTEN

    Perhaps the most versatile of the Juliat profiles, the 600 SX is the classic 1K/1.2K theatre fixture. Available with 3 different variable zoom options to cover every throw distance required, the 600 SX is equally happy with on stage positions, overhead and on side booms, on prosceniums and front of house.

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  • 05/09/2014 713SX 2000/2500W TUNGSTEN

    The ideal zoom profile for all short throw applications
    Combining power with a smooth flat beam, the 713 SX2 is the perfect profile for all short throw applications in medium to large theatres and opera houses. Its secure G22 lamp socket ensures reliability, longer lamp life, and 2000 W or 2500 W lamp option.

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  • 05/09/2014 DIGITOUR 6S

    Digitour 6 & Digitour 6S bring the functionality of Tivoli software into a compact, portable package.

    The mobile nature of this unit, along with its compact dimensions and choice of connections, makes it ideal for events, corporate entertainment, temporary installations, architectural applications, or in multi-purpose venues. Positioning can be free-standing or rigged by means of an optional hanging yoke.

    Digitour 6S's automatic mode allows the execution of sequences programmed into the unit via the keyboard without the aid of a lighting desk, with sequences set to trigger on start up or via local or external control.

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