Harriz Lamp




Meticulously designed, Hariz table lamp releases different types of light, white, but also coloured, that can be varied according to its surroundings or according to a specific concept.


Our idea is to create a lamp that
corresponds to your needs, allowing you to adapt and adjust Hariz to your concept, brand or event.


Hariz is composed of a base, in which is inserted a light-diffusing plastic plate.


Transparent when switched off, the plate illuminates when the LEDs are lit; all remote controlled.


Hariz allows you to create an exclusive event through the personalization of the plates : have it cut to the shape of your choice: logo, silhouette of an object, symbol, signage system, etc. Also, engrave on the surface of the plate, your message will illuminate on a transparent background. Highlight a name, a phrase or a lined sketch.

Hariz is a unique product which will enchant your guests by its magical aspect.