Super LED F14




The Super LED F14 is an HIGH OUTPUT LED Fresnel lens spotlight by DE SISTI and includes:

  • the De Sisti Internationally Patented optical system for LED FRESNELS and Plano Convex Optics.
  • It is available with either Tungsten (3.200°K) or Daylight (5.600°K) Balanced CCT (Correlated Color Temperature), in both cases with a CRI higher than 95 and both in Manual or Pole operated versions.
  • It is using 360W High CRI - COB LED ARRAYs.
  • The Fixture is rated for IP23 and it is ideal for Location Work, it can be use under the RAIN and it hasbeen tested for minus 20° C ambient temperature operation.
  • It is DMX Controlled from 0 to 100% with a super smooth Dimming and a negligible variation of ColourTemperature while controlling the Light intensity.
  • The lighting Performances of the Tungsten Balanced CCT are similar from medium to full flood to those of a 3kW tungsten Fresnels, while the Daylight Balanced CCT is equivalent to a 1.200W.


The fixture combines the classical SPOT/FLOOD beam control on an equivalent FOCUS RANGE to aconventional lamp fresnel, with an excellent barn door cutting.

It utilizes Standard accessories from the DE SISTI range of equivalent Fresnel Lens size, such as Barndoor, ColourFrame, Cones, scrims.