Eco-Range High Bay 260

High Bay 260



The powerful Cambridge Light High Bay 260 is especially suited for high altitude installation. The high brightness of the unit’s 6 x 5000K CREE LEDs ensures good levels of working light can still be achieved from heights up to 25m. This powerful fixture can produce 26,000 lumens and its unique electronics ensure a flicker-free light that stays on day after day, night after night.


This high power product is made in the UK from the latest in LED technology, featuring a 5 year warranty and an advanced electronic design to allow the fixture to exceed an L70 life of 70,000 hours*.


Developed to meet the needs of large-scale interior lighting, the Eco-Range  High Bay 260 is a reliable and highly efficient energy saving fixture, utilising  260W and achieving an efficacy of 100lm/W. The units can replace existing Metal Halide fittings of more than 3 times the power (e.g., 750W, 800W and 1kW lamps).  Because of the high efficacy and minimal maintenance requirements these units only drop to 70% of its initial lumens after 16 years operating for 12 hours/day, or 8 years if on 24/7.  The fixture has pre-drilled threaded holes for direct attachment or for hanging from eyebolts.  This LED High Bay’s high brightness and minimal power requirements make it suitable for a huge range of applications, from dispatch centres and warehouses to large scale indoor sports arenas or halls.