Intelligent cable free RGB LED units for moving images on ground surfaces or glass vertical surfaces.

Splodgers can be simply laid, or stuck, to any reasonably level surface, a lawn or wall, or vertical glass in any order. The devices intelligently locate themselves and then use this position to become a pixel in a giant display. As all communication is wireless, the devices are cable free and can be set up and removed quickly for each event. Videos, images and brands are controlled through the cloud.



  • 100% cableless operation means no cable installation, hence significantly less cost and time to set up
  • Flexible in arrangement as well as environment - can be placed where other lights are hard to reach




  • Suitable for music events, corporate events, cultural events, large private evetns, retail and advertising.


Τεχνικές Προδιαγραφές

  • Can be placed in any order and any shape.
  • Rechargeable battery for prolonged usage
  • No Wifi
  • Controlled by remote management system
  • Communicates with other splodger units
  • Each splodger can determine its own location