Botticelli 2,5KW P.O.




The Botticelli Series are traditional softlights offering a very soft and efficient output.The larger profile allows for an even light distribution over a larger area.

The Botticelli 2,5 kW is a compact and reliable softlight luminaire, utilizing Tungsten-Quartz-Halogen linear lamps. Its use makes possible the blending of shadows and penumbra without the need of bulky reflecting panels. The innovative design of the reflector together with an accurate selection of materials allow full benefit from the lamp’s output.

The optimized dimensions and weight, together with an easy handling and maintenance, make this fixture highly versatile and representing the perfect solution for location works, where sturdiness and output characteristics are always at a premium.

1070.0 € 550.0 €
(χωρίς ΦΠΑ)