Wireless Receiver




CA-9 RTX is revolutionary wireless easy controller kit which enables easier and faster control for most ACME's lighting fixtures under Master/Slave operation or Stand Alone.


The CA-9 RTX consist of CA-9 RX, the wireless receiver, and the CA-9 TX, the wireless transmitter.


Functions: Active a variety of effects like PAN/TILT moving pattern, dimmer, gobo wheel/color wheel changing, etc.varying with different fixtures.


Like CA-8, CA-9 TX is connected with the master of a fixture group 5-PIN standard connector.

Τεχνικές Προδιαγραφές

  • Transmitting/Receiving distance: 100 meters
  • Frequency: 433.92 Mhz
  • Voltage: DC9-12V 800Ma