Litepad Axiom Daylight




LitePad Axiom is a revolutionary LED light from Rosco specifically designed for filmmakers, videographers and still photographers.  Its steel and aluminum housing is designed not only to protect the light source, but to make a variety of mounting solutions quick and easy. The back of the housing has a universal mounting system allowing the LitePad Axiom to be affixed with brackets to C-Stands or mounted with Velcro,rubber bands or other conventional methods. The housing includes a gel slot for adding Roscolux or Cinegel color or diffusion.


An interior connection in the LitePad unit assures secure electrical connection. The slim profile, low heat and power consumption and outstanding quality of light make LitePad Axiom an excellent choice for professionals everywhere.


Available in both daylight and tungsten version.



It includes:

LitePad Axiom
Right Angle Extension Cable
1/4 - 20 Axiom Bracket
1/4 - 20 Baby Pin

765.0 € 340.0 €
(χωρίς ΦΠΑ)