Jarag-3 / PAR30

Jarag 30



Modular, extendible system that is made of units each containing 15 halogen lamps and a built-in controller for instant use.  15 channels of DMX give independent control of each lamp.

It uses standard halogen lamps with digital control to give a range of fine, precise shades , from amber to white, with effects ranging from flash transitions to soft, show variations.  Combining several Jarag arrays will create walls for light displaying videos, patterns of animated text.  No additional dimmers are required, just a DC supply and a DMX cable.


Τεχνικές Προδιαγραφές

  • Control: Integrated dimmers
  • Lamps: 15 lamps 230V, Halopar30 type, 10° , 2900k, 2000h, E27,
  • alu reflector.
  • Connector: Powercon 20A
  • Dimensions: 346x576x270mm
  • Rigging: Rigging points on fixtures body
  • Weight: 9,4kg with lamps