DataSplitter - DMX Digital Data Splitter




DataSplitter is ideal for the distribution / splitting of digital data signals from DC to 500KHz (such as DMX, PMX, RS232, RS423, RS422, RS485 etc). Signal In/Thru is provided in addition to the 8 independent outputs, all connections are 5pin XLR. Protection on ALL inputs and outputs capable of withstanding 240V! DataSplitter is a compact 1U 19" Rack mount with a great double mount system making it ideal for both touring and installation use. Two M10 sockets are also provided for attaching G-Clamps. 12-25V and 100-240V power supply compatibility gives even more flexibility, and all at a competitive and economical price.

Τεχνικές Προδιαγραφές

  • Splitter / Buffer for digital serial data
  • Operates with signals from DC to 500KHz
  • Compatible with DMX, RS232, RS485 etc)
  • In/Thru and 8 independent isolated outputs
  • All ports capable of withstanding 240V!
  • 8 data LED pairs
  • indicate signal flow
  • 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz, auto ranging supply
  • and/or 12-25V DC low voltage supply
  • Compact 1U 19” rack mount enclosure
  • Dual mounting system (front or rear access
  • M10 sockets for clamps to allow truss mount
  • All connections are by via locking 5-pin XLRs
  • 3-pin locking XLR model also available
  • UK designed, manufactured and tested