MagicQ MQ300 Pro 2010 Console



The MagicQ MQ300 Pro is the MagicQ console with the most playback faders making it ideal for hands on touring or festival shows.


With 58 playback faders, all electronically labelled, and all supporting full theatre style Cue Stacks, the MQ300 is ideal for the unstructured festival show where anything can happen - and generally does.


The 58 playback faders are split into five different sections. Each section has separate page controls, enabling selection of different pages for different fixture types, e.g. generics, moving heads, LED or video.


Cue Stacks can be easily moved or copied between playback controls to suit the preferences of individual operators. And if you still run out of playback faders - just connect more MagicQ Playback Wings, Execute Wings or Extra Wings.


The MagicQ Pro series is the second generation of MagicQ Consoles, featuring the familiar and flexible GUI lighting control, media server connectivity options and in-built media server for LED grid arrays found in the original MagicQ consoles. MagicQ Pro utilises the same software and show formats as the original MagicQ consoles enabling compatibility between all products in the entire MagicQ range.