The OPTI Trilite100 Series comprises Ladder, Triangular and Box formats which are available in a wide variety of finishes to suit your specific requirements.  Choices include Natural Mill Finish (standard), Polished Aluminium with optional lacquering, or Powder Coated in a wide range of colors. OPTI uses only the highest quality epoxy/polyester blends of powder coatings that conform to ASTM standards for abrasions, high impact and corrosion resistance with superior adhesion. Specialized finishes, including various hammertone and metallic colors, can also be ordered for increased visual impact.


The OPTI Trilite 106 Series is our smallest lightweight, decorative modular truss system. Its small size make it easy for packing and transporting yet its strength is able to support even heavy exhibition items such as plasma screens.


OPTI Trilite 109 is a smaller, lightweight, decorative modular structural system. Its slender appearance belies its strength which is used to good advantage in retail applications such as, in-store displays and merchandising units. Its inherent strength makes it ideal for exhibition use for suspending lighting, graphics and video monitors.


The standard lengths, junctions and accessories listed in this section are complimented by our ability to fabricate virtually any special configuration. Add to this the rapid DesignLine and delivery service and you will realize the unlimited potential for this highly versatile series of structural systems.


Connection System

The OPTI Trilite split spigot system is easy to assemble with a 4mm A/F allen key supplied and provides a totally unobtrusive fixing method. The spigot adds aesthetic appeal to integral strength.


Curved Section Data

Curved OPTI Trilite 100 Series can be produced in all formats to suit any radius over 2'-6". Sections are supplied in 6'-6" lengths (approx.) measured around the outside circumference. Curved junctions can also be produced to suit special applications.

Τεχνικές Προδιαγραφές

  • Main Tube: 1" diameter x 14 gauge wall (0.079" T)
  • Lacing Spars: 5/16" diameter x 14 gauge wall (0.079" T)
  • Material: 6351 - T6 Aluminium