Sirocco 1200w HMI

Sirocco 1200w HMI


The Sirocco 1200w HMI lighting balloon is specifically designed to provide a high level of light.



  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Efficient: high light quality due to a color rendering index (CRI) of 100%. It allows less down-time due to its hot restrike system
  • Versatile: can be mounted on a stand or adapted to any equipment
  • Lightweight: packed into a container, small enough to be carried in a car


The Balloon

  • 110cm in diameter
  • Self-inflated by an internal fan
  • The integrated reflector offers optimal light output
  • The elliptical shape offers a higher wind resistance: up to 100 km/h
  • A stem at the base of the envelope is used to adapt the balloon on a stand


Quick and Easy Set Up

  • Works with a 1200w magnetic or electronic ballast
  • The balloon inflates within 45 seconds 
  • The lights are controlled from a switch on the ballast
  • Set up time: 10 minutes for one person


Safety and Reliability

  • IP53 balloon
  • The texture of the envelope is non flammable
  • The volume of the balloon keeps the envelope cold and allows to handle it without being burnt
  • A safety system switch turns the power off if the internal