700 Series Filters

700 Series Filters


A very special range, unique to LEE Filters. The 700 Series colours have been created by some of the top lighting designers working in stage, screen, television, cinema and architectural lighting. The designers are invited to work alongside our Research and Development team to create their own unique colours. Free of the constraints of existing products, the designers have been able to create exactly the mood or effect they require and produce solutions to specific problems. As the leading manufacturer of professional lighting filters, we can provide the technical skills needed to turn these creative concepts into reality. You can either view the whole colour range or click on the name of the designer to view the colours they created.



The available types of the 700 Series filters are:

  • The 700 Series Colour Range
  • Paul Constable
  • Dave Davey
  • Rick Fisher
  • Henrik Hambro
  • David Hersey
  • Jesper Kongshaug
  • Durham Marenghi
  • Kate Wilkins
  • Peter Barnes
  • Chris Davey
  • Chris Ellis
  • Peter Fisker
  • Mark Henderson
  • Jakob Holst
  • Andy LIdle
  • David Whitehead
  • Patrick Woodroffe

Τεχνικές Προδιαγραφές

  • Full Sheet: 0.53x1.22m
  • Half Sheet: 0.53x0.61m
  • Rolls: 7.62x1.22m