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Newsletter: Μάρτιος 2016
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Προγράμματα ΕΣΠΑ
Η εταιρεία Π. ΒΑΣΙΛΕΙΟΥ ΑΕΕ παρέχει εξοπλισμό και συντήρηση φωτισμού μέσα από μία επιλεγμένη γκάμα κατασκευαστικών οίκων που αντιπροσωπεύει στην Ελλάδα. Παρέχει την δυνατότητα, σε υφιστάμενους ή νέους πελάτε...
Π.ΒΑΣΙΛΕΙΟΥ ΑΕΕ | Lighting for Effect
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Silk 210, Απαλό Λευκό Φως
Τα φωτιστικά Rosco Silk LED παρέχουν ασυμβίβαστη απόδοση φωτός για τις ανάγκες παραγωγής ταινιών. Σχεδιασμένο για να ανταποκριθεί στις απαιτήσεις και των πιο απαιτητικών κινηματογραφιστών, το σύστημα φωτισμού...
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Your Party Lighting Search is Over
Η αναζήτηση για φωτισμό πάρτι έλαβε τέλος. Derby - Laser - Strobe Τα κάνει όλα...εκτός απο το να παίρνει παραγγελίες...!
Chauvet DJ
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AE-710 Beam
The latest moving beam Saber Speed with outstanding optics technology provides super light output.   Stylish and compact design. 17 static gobos plus open 14 dichronic colors plus white Electronic Focus 0~100% smooth dimming and variable strobe spee...
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JAM Pack Gold
JAM Pack Gold is a winning combination of four party always-popular effects that are ready to use right out of the box. Included in the JAM Pack Gold are derby beam, laser, fog machine, and a UV wash/strobe combo light. These units can be controlled in auto and sound mound. A wireless...
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BlackBox R-512 G4 MK2
# A40102G4MKII
The W-DMX BlackBox R-512 G4 Receiver is the perfect receiver-only solution for the W-DMX system, wherever you need to have a DMX or RDM output to your fixtures (RDM available as an option). With support for Dual-band 2.45GHz and 5.8GHz technology, and support for AFHSS to dynam...
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Beamer 6 FX
# Beamer6FX
Beamer 6 FX is a multi-effect light that includes adjustable RGBW beams, a round SMD strobe and a red/green pattern laser that produces thousands of razor sharp beams. Large room coverage is possible by positioning each of the 6 RGBW beams independently. The ultra-bright LED strob...
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Super LED F14
The Super LED F14 is an HIGH OUTPUT LED Fresnel lens spotlight by DE SISTI and includes: the De Sisti Internationally Patented optical system for LED FRESNELS and Plano Convex Optics. It is available with either Tungsten (3.200°K) or Daylight (5.600°K) Balanced CCT (Correlated Col...
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Kinta FX
Kinta FX combines an LED derby effect, laser and SMD strobe in one compact fixture. These effects can be coordinated to create a variety of exciting looks that feature multicolored derby beams, dynamic strobes and chases plus hundreds of sharp red and green laser beams. Control th...
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