Custom Steel/Glass Gobos

#Custom Steel/Glass Gobos

Custom gobos can be made from virtually any artwork in just a few day. Sizes for most profile and automated luminaires are available.   Custom Stainless Steel gobos can be manufactured quickly and inexpensively and are perfectly suited...

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Projector Solar 250W


Projector Solar 250W μαζί με μοτέρ και 2 θέματα effect

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Standard Effects Glass Gobos

#Standard Effects Glass Gobos

Standard Effects Glass Gobos are clasified in 4 different types. The Colorizers, the Image Glass, the Prismatics and the Color Waves.   Rosco’s Colorizers can be used to create beautiful multi-coloured projection effects. Coloured in g...

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Standard Glass Gobos

#Standard Glass Gobos

Standard Effects Glass Gobos are clasified in 8 different types: B/W Abstract B/W Breakup B/W Rotation B/W Scene Color Abstract Color Breakup Color Rotation Color Scene   To see the complete range of these glass gobos please se...

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Standard Steel Gobos

#Standard Steel Gobos

The complete range, the largest anywhere totaling more than 2000 designs in sizes for virtually every known fixture, gives the designer unsurpassed flexibility and creativity when selecting patterns to suggest scenery, create atmosphere ...

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